Wait List

People have asked me to post the wait list so they can see where they are on it. Remember, some years we lose no teams and others we lose 1, 2, 3, or more. There is no guarantee of when you will get into the league. If you cannot join the league when your turn is up, you will be moved to the bottom of the list. If you would like to be added to the list, please call or text me at 217-899-3667. Edgewood does offer a Wednesday Night League if you are interested in that please contact Edgewood directly.

  1. Tavis Travis
  2. Chuck Dubois
  3. Mark Waldhauser
  4. Nick Bearss
  5. Chris Jones
  6. A.B. Bennett
  7. Steve Ent
  8. Scott Flanigan and Todd Lucas
  9. Jay Dennis
  10. Hunter Wieber
  11. James Dambacher
  12. Riley Murphy
  13. Ryan McLean and Kevin Rose
  14. Jacob Pope
  15. Jimmy Yagow
  16. Rob Stults and Scott Hepperly
  17. Daniel Reichen and Chad McDannald
  18. Chris Hankins and Matthew Dill
  19. Ben Danner
  20. Parker Koen
  21. Timothy Barnes
  22. Tate Clark
  23. Richard Dunbar
  24. Carl Kessler
  25. Slade Chelbian
  26. Hunter Cody
  27. Sean McAuliff
  28. Evan Dorks
  29. Ryan and Rob Meyers
  30. David Betzer
  31. Tom Anderson