League Rules

  1. Dues have been set at $230.00 PER TEAM for this year if paid by March 21, 2024. If paid after March 21, 2024, dues will increase to $300.00 per team. They absolutely must be paid by March 28, 2024. PLEASE SUBMIT DUES IN ONE CHECK OR BOTH MAILED TOGETHER. 
  2. League will begin Thursday, April 25, 2024 and end Thursday, August 29, 2024.
  3. Kickoff Party will be Thursday, April 18, 2024. The League Banquet will be on September 5, 2024. The Kickoff Party and End of the Year Banquet will be paid out of your dues.
  4. The league will be limited to 56 teams. This breaks down to 14 teams per 4 divisions.
  5. All score cards must be turned in at the bar immediately after play. If card is not turned in by 8:30 p.m. NO points will be awarded for that week.
  6. League handicap limit will be set at 25 (3 per hole on the par 4’s and 5’s and 2 on the par 3’s). If a handicap has not been established after the 3rd week, you will play at a zero until handicap is established. (Handicaps will carry over from last year).
  7. If your team does not show up for two consecutive weeks or have a sub, your team will be removed from the active team list. If both teams agree to make up a week, the match must be made up within one week, between Thursday of the scheduled play date and the next Monday.
  8. Prize monies (Gift Certificates) will be paid to the top 28 teams – 7 in each division.
  9. Eight (8) points will be awarded per week – 4 per person; 2 for stroke and 2 for medal play.
  10. Shotgun start at 5:30 p.m. each week after that with USGA and Local Rules in effect.
  11. Must be 62+ years old to play Gold Tees.
  12. There is no maximum strokes per hole. Remember most places that used to be out of bounds are now marked with red stakes so please take stroke and distance on these holes.
  13. The ball may be played up, moved up to 6”, but no closer to the hole.
  14. In the case of a forfeit, both players on the team which shows up must shoot no higher than their handicap plus one (1) stroke to get all 8 points. If both players fail to do so, they will only get 4 points. If only one player shoots within their handicap plus one stroke, the team gets 6 points.
  15. If the course is closed on league night, that week WILL be skipped and go onto the next week’s opponent.
  16. The League Secretary will receive $7.00 per person from the league.
  17. Hole in One money will be paid out at the END of the season being split between anyone who got one. If there is no hole in one the money will be raffled off in 11 $50 increments. You must be at End of the Year Banquet to win $50 giveaway.
  18. You must be 18 years of age and out of High School to play in league.